Study In Spain

Welcome to our services. As an education agent fully committed to a transparent placement of students unto courses globally, we needed to open up to new frontiers of education to our teeming clients just so we can broaden access to higher education. One such study destination is Spain.
Spanish education follow European credit transfer standards and the curriculum is similar to most western European higher education. Spanish is the medium of teaching and only a few courses are on offer entirely taught in English. These are predominantly Business courses, a few professional courses like Dentistry etc. This destination is most suited to parents who are looking at quality education at the fraction of the cost. You can imagine a parent with two wards heading overseas and paying overseas
fees say like the UK. If both were to be Engineering students, the cost is at a minimum of GBP50,000 for the first year for both students. But if they study Spanish in the first year at a cost of Eur28,000 for both,
subsequent years of study will reduce to average of Eur20,000 for both. Cost will continue to reduce if you remove income from little work they can get and value of bursary awarded if any. So if your aim is to study at a reduced cost please consider this location and send us your enquiry by clicking this link.