Study In Australia

Many thanks for your interest in our services and Australia as a destination. We have a number of Universities across Australia and this destination is fast becoming a likeable one among Nigerians for these reasons:

  • Visa processing does not require unnecessarily huge bank accounts as long as tuition deposits are already paid living expenses are adequately allowed for in the balances. Visa processing is also quick and requirements are not cumbersome.
  • Admissions processing is very fast and decisions can be obtained within days in most cases but scholarship application can take a little longer. Some applications can take longer to determine if they are not so straightforward.
  • Students are allowed to work during the course, many courses allow students to take a few months out and work full time so as to gain work experience as part of the course and the Government allows you to stay back in Australia for a period ranging from two to four years and thereafter residency is not as difficult although not guaranteed. There are many work Visas that international students are qualified to apply for after their course or after the work-experience visa leading to permanent residency. Please make sure you ask questions and be on path that leads you adequately to an assured end. Do not build castles in the air, ask us questions. Education should also be your first priority and not immigration. There are opportunities for students that finished their courses and acquired skill sets required in the workplace.
  • There are a number of discounts as well as scholarships available to international students which are applied for at the same time as the admission. Most of our students do secure maximum value available due to our close relationship with the schools. Please note that full scholarships are extremely competitive and we have no hand in the award. The ones we described previously are more of market bursaries and are easily come by.
  • Australian economy is good and climate is suitable for a Nigerian because they do not have a prolonged winter.

We have assisted a lot of students in the past and among others, students chose Glory Educational Services as their agent due to the follow reasons:

  • We have the experience of counselling students over and above our closest rivals and do so with transparency and utmost honesty. We put you at the top of our priority.
  • We have vivid understanding of the Visa requirements and are registered by the Australian government to apply on behalf of students making requirements less cumbersome for our students since we have already prequalified as a reputable agency with them.
  • We have the spread of office so we are closer to you.
  • We ensure we fast-track your processing and also stay with you all the way providing valuable counselling.
  • We do not charge for counselling so the only time you pay us is when processing Visa through us. You can e-mail us, phone us and attend our offices as many times as you like without a charge until after your admission. Thereafter you can pay Visa processing fees. You are also free to use your own card while we are applying for you.
  • We provide seamless services between Singapore and Australia for those who would love to save funds by starting a foundation course or pre-masters before going to Australia or even New Zealand.

Admissions requirements for Undergraduate courses Foundation Year:

  • WAEC/NECO in at least five subjects including English and mathematics grades A - C
  • A transcript of subjects and grades from SS I, II and III
  • A reference letter from the principal of your last school attended on letter head signed and dated
  • A statement indicating why you would like to study at the particular institution of your choice in Australia
  • Data page of international passport

Degree Seeking Students Yr1

  • All above and
  • Three A level subject grades A-C or
  • OND transcript or a full year of study at a Nigerian University

Degree Seeking Students Yr2

  • All the above and
  • OND and HND transcripts or full transcripts of at least two or three years of study at a Nigerian University

Postgraduate Studies

  • WAEC/NECO certificate showing at least five subjects at credit levels to include English and Mathematics
  • Degree certificate and full transcripts of all subjects studied at University
  • Two academic references from lecturers that have taught you
  • A full CV
  • A statement of purpose on who you are, what you have done, your interests, why you want to study the course chosen, why you prefer to do such course in the University you chose and conclusion
  • Data page of your international passport

M’Phil/PhD candidates

  • All above (PG requirements) including a ten page double lined proposals with abstract and adequately referenced and bibliographed.

Processing Fees

Whereas our consultation is free.


If you are still interested, please contact us and we can set the ball rolling for you. It will help us if you provide your qualifications, course of interest and alternative course(s), your location and phone number. If you have not already done so, please fill out an enquiry form on the website.

Best Wishes

Customer Services Team