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Frequently Asked Questions: Canada

What is the general overview of Canadian Education

 The Canadian education can be said to be a system very similar to the USA. Degree last for 4yrs, while there are several routes leading up to it like college diploma, or first two years at a college and another two years in the University, some are three years at a College and another one year in the University, some colleges in affiliation with Universities run the entire degree on their campus. The entry requirements are high school graduation. Most international students who do not have required grades are able to start from college certificate and build to diploma and then move on to Bachelors. Master’s degree can take 1.5yrs with a few taking longer to complete and PhD takes about 3/4yrs. An upper second class are required but a few will consider a lower second class with very high CGPA. Those who do not meet requirement can also apply to start a foundation year leading to Bachelor’s degree or Master’s qualifying program.

Can I then use my WAEC/NECO

Yes, but a few may insist on WAEC. Your results must be credits excluding Nigerian languages

When can I start my application

Canadian application takes about a month to process and Visa takes between 2 and four months so it is advised that you start application for admission at least six months before enrolment date. In addition, schools have application deadlines which must be strictly adhered to. Please ask us for full details

Can I study and work

Yes you are allowed to work part-time only. We must warn that income from work cannot pay your tuition fees and may not be enough to cover entire living costs either. Please ensure you have a workable budget before applying

Do I need tests like TOEFL, GRE, GMAT

Some schools will accept national examination in lieu of English requirement, however TOEFL or IELTS are accepted and can be required so ask your counsellor. A number of schools or departments may also request submission of GRE or GMAT but very many schools don’t require these tests

When can I pay my fees

Usually you will receive a conditional offer of acceptance (CLOA) which will detail your fees and how much to pay immediately. If your offer is conditional on some academic qualifications as well as fees, please do not pay your fees until you have cleared the other requirement. Once you have made your payments, the school will send you a letter of acceptance (LOA). With this you are ready to apply for a permit to enter Canada

Will you support me during the Visa application

Yes we will guide you through. We are not a Visa or consular service but have the experience to assist you and recommend kind of documents you will require based on your circumstance to ensure you can present a positive application upon which a consular officer can make a positive judgement

What if I do not have some documents you suggested or the high commission requested

We will talk to you about alternative or request that you do not submit or submit as you are. We will however warn against asking anyone to procure documents for you or on your behalf. Forgeries are serious criminal offences and can lead to prosecution. Every legitimate application deserve that a consular have a look as such we will only discourage your application if we are very sure you do not have the right documents or your budgets are far from workable. In the latter case we would possibly have told you at the point of application for admission

If I am refused a Visa, can I get a refund of my deposit

Yes you will get a full refund of your fees. This will be subject to foreign exchange fluctuation at the time of refund and it can mean getting a little less or more than amount originally paid. Fees are returned back to the account it originally came from. We encourage our students to make payments through their banks.

Frequently Asked Questions: USA

How early can I start application for admission into a USA University/College

It depends on your readiness and what you hope to achieve. If you are a scholarship hunting student start a year in advance. Usually for all other categories six to nine months might be enough. This is actually to avoid deferring from one intake to another.

What makes it take so long

The application process to the USA is different to countries like, UK and have processes that waits for the outcome of others to commence and some of the last bit are with the government and not controlled by the University. Many USA schools will require SAT/TOEFL test for undergraduate courses and GRE/TOEFL or GMAT/TOEFL for graduate courses. You may want to study over a period of a month or even attend tutorials before attempting these test so that adds to entire time. After submission of application, usually on-line, you need to send paper documents, and also request certain documents sent directly to the school which adds to timing: transcripts, references. You also need to do affidavit of finances to ascertain your readiness to study in the USA. You will also need to pay application fees without which most schools will not look at your file.  If all is fine you then receive an I-20. To understand the procedure please do not hesitate to contact us or ask your counsellor

Can you assist with any of the processes above

Yes we assist entirely including test registration and tutorials

I have a transcripts given to me by my school, can I use it

You can use this as allowed up-loadable documents but the school will still expect full official documents sent directly from your University or college, unopened and marked “CONFIDENTIAL” Only a few Universities across the USA allows uploaded transcripts.

I only have WAEC/NECO how do I send my record

A transcript for a school leaver is like a list of each subject you took and grades tabulated JSSI: Term I, II and III; then JSSII: Term I, II, and III up to SSI and SSII. SSIII will be term I and II only while the WAEC/NECO is usually the term III.

I have OND/HND can I apply

Yes you can apply for advanced standing or credit transfer. We must warn that due to disparity in grading systems, you may need to use evaluation service to maximise transferable credits

I have done Yr1 or more of a Nigerian University can I transfer credit

Yes, you can and should use evaluation service like above


There are some Universities and Colleges who will waive these test, we also have more schools recently allowing international students into a University Preparation Program (UPP) for both undergraduate and graduate studies. It means you need to write these test before you enrol. Those looking for scholarships should do these test as most scholarships will require them. TOEFL is used for admission and not necessarily scholarships. Most schools not asking for tests do not offer much scholarships. Ask your counsellor so as to be well guided.

How can I know my test results are good enough

Most schools have published score ranges they accept and if you do not measure up, you can seek admission into a school that require less or redo the test

What are the duration of Courses?

for a college diploma you will spend two years which can lead to two more years in the University or University college to obtain a BS degree. Most graduate courses are for 1.5yrs except for PhDs that last longer

Can I spend less time on my course

Yes, you can; taking extra unit per semester, enrolling for summer semester can help shorten the length of time on the course. It means you spend more time per year studying and not that you take lesser units.

Can I secure scholarship in the USA

Yes, USA have some of the most liberal administration of scholarships and most students do get some assistance if they require it and have met qualifications set for them. Most are merit based and for most that are need based require in a number of schools that you are already enrolled as an international student especially those whose values are much.

If I am paying my own fees, do I have to pay from Nigeria

Some will insist you pay while some will not make it mandatory.

Does paying fees enhance my chance of securing a USA Visa

Not necessarily, it may help but consular officers look at a number of things which may have nothing to do with your financial circumstance. If a school does not require fee payment, they will issue you an I-20 while those who require it will not issue until you have paid, it will help, if you talk to your counsellor

After my I-20 what next

You should after this secure your I-94 from DHS

Can you assist me with this process

Yes we can although most clients are able to do this on their own but we can assist with explaining further how to do it and options you may have to pay SEVIS fee.

Frequently Asked Questions: UK


The closest education system that many Anglophone African education is modelled after is the United Kingdom. Most course offerings are immediately recognisable having nomenclature similar to those of home Universities. Duration is however shorter; undergraduate courses last three years and Master’s degrees are for one year. There are foundation routes for those using just their secondary education qualifications which will extend their time to four years for undergraduate and with Pre-Master’s to just a year and a half. Tuition fees varies depending on the institution but we are happy to discuss specific University or course fees with you when you make an enquiry (include a link to enquiry page).


Yes you can, national qualifications are allowed for use in processing admissions to the UK. There are few that will accept NECO subjects in general but will not accept NECO English as equivalent qualifications to meet the language requirement. Few others will insist on higher grades than with WAEC. A number will accept your NABTEB but some of these will still not accept it for English requirement, only for subjects. WAEC is widely accepted across board including for English. Extremely few will insist on IELTS as evidence of English even with your credit in English. Please ask us.

When Can I start my Application?

UK has now become so competitive thereby shortening the admissions cycle. A lot of courses fills up as soon as they open. But usually the latest you can apply will be five months ahead of start date for your chosen course.

Are there other intakes

Yes, UK have September intake, when all courses and all Universities accept students. Majority of the Universities now also have a January/February intake which allows more students to start their courses in the UK. A small number of Universities now also have few courses with off-cycle start dates like November, December, April, May and June intakes. But please ask us for details.

Can I work while studying?

Yes, you are allowed 20hrs each week to work while school is in session, and full time when school is on holiday. You are however reminded that the primary purpose of your registration is to study and that is what your Visa is based on. So, where work will interfere with your study schools have rights to request that you stop work and if you fail to do so, can report you to the home office. If your performance is good, and attendance is at least 75%, no one will put pressure on you. Attendance at 100% is encouraged at all times.


Only IELTS may be required if you do not meet the requirements for English; Majority of Universities accept credit in WAEC and some will allow credit in English at NECO. GRE and GMAT are not necessary for majority of Universities in the UK. A few top of the range business schools may request or use GMAT to assess your suitability.

When can I pay my fees?

Your fees or deposit as requested for on your admission letter is due immediately. In effect, you need not pay any fees until you hold academically unconditional admission unto your choice course. Once you hold an offer it will help you to pay immediately. Sometimes people wonder why their Visa application is delayed; it sometimes have to do among several other reasons with dates and timelines. You have admission to study in January by as early as November, you deferred to September and only managed to pay fees middle of August, it shows the funds are not there. So we encourage you to pay as soon as you can. If there are issues we can offer advisory on how to proceed.

Will you Support me during Visa Applications

Yes, we are with you entirely during the process.

What if I do not have some recommended documents?

UK Visa is now so simple to understand and is not heavy on documentation. We will be there to explain alternative documents you may provide in lieu of what you do not have. However we do not encourage you to forge documents or submit unofficially altered documents. We have had huge success doing this for at least 25 years, our experience will help you.

Can I get a Refund?

In the unlikely event that your Visa application is refused UK Universities will refund you 100%. If you have applied deception or have submitted forged documentations, some will not refund you 100%. Our UK Visas have been 100% for some years. The reason is that we will let you know when you cannot secure one and most of our clients defer to us and will not put themselves forward.

Frequently Asked Questions: Germany


German education is rich and certificates are highly regarded globally. Education is essentially free if taught in German. It is gaining traction among students for two reasons (1) If you are able to pay the first fees to head to Germany, the rest is not cost intensive especially for undergraduate students, (2) Recently the German government freed up on immigration allowing new routes to work with easy access to those who studied in Germany. This has seen an uptick in enquiries and applications and especially number of students arriving to start their studies in Germany.

What Does the Process Entail?

Processing admissions to Germany is similar to other Western countries. The academic requirements are very similar. The point of departure with others is the way Visas are processed. (1) Full tuition fees must be paid after admission (2) You also normally will not show bank statements from your sponsor but rather you will transfer your living expenses as fixed by the government into a German bank accounts in your name, for your use when you arrive. So in effect, it is expensive in the first instance to go to study in Germany. (3) All courses at public Universities are taught in German so you must therefore learn German and have appropriate certificate before you can enrol.

Can I work as a Student?

Yes you are allowed 20 hours a week to work. Like all others, it comes with a condition that it will not impact negatively on your academic performance.

Is the Visa Process Easy?

German Visa for students is simple to understand and the application process straight forward. Bank statements are involved but not so heavy for those attending public schools and for PG students at private schools, they have already discharged their burden of proof by sending funds into a German bank account. Only evidence that the funds are clean not laundered funds remain during Visa application. Germany do not currently use third party services to process Visas.

Duration of Courses

Most undergraduate courses last for four years and Technology can be up to five years. Most PG are for a year and half and few for two years.

When Can I start application process?

You need to start a year in advance. Places are limited at public schools and even if you are going to Germany to start a language training, part of your admission into such school must include a follow-on admission into a University, so the competition remain.

Are there other intakes

Public schools have only one intake in October, but private institutions have several intakes like October, February, and May of each year.

Can I get refunds if Visa is refused?

Yes, you will get a full refund. Ensure you pay your fees through the banks and follow official lines to access a German bank account. Do not patronise touts. We will guide you through entire process.

Frequently Asked Questions: France


French education is rich and certificates are highly regarded globally. Education is essentially free if taught in French but we have school that teaches entirely in English. It is gaining traction among students for two reasons (1) If you are able to pay the first years deposit to head to France, the rest is not cost intensive especially for undergraduate students, (2) The French government is active in issuing work experience permits to graduates and it has helped a lot of our students gather the much needed experience after their studies. This has seen an uptick in enquiries and applications and especially number of students arriving to start their studies in France.

Do I need to Submit French Proficiency?

For the schools we deal with, they have courses taught entirely in English, so no need to provide French proficiency. However the school have free French courses to be taught to international students to aid their understanding of the French language and culture so they can be integrated into the local community and relate well with the people.

Do I need to pay Fees before arrival?

Yes, you will pay a deposit ahead of your application for Visa after your admissions. Usually at least 50% of tuition fees stated on your offer.

Are there scholarships

Yes, there are few bursaries by way of fee reduction. Full scholarships are not frequent.

Can I work as a Student?

Yes you can work 20 hours per week during term time and full time during holidays. You must be mindful that the jobs are not guaranteed, but widely available. The income from such jobs too cannot pay your tuition fees and living expenses 100%. It can only help towards groceries and part rent.

Are French Certificates widely accepted?

Yes, and the school we are dealing with are accredited, so you have no worries when you come back or to find job placement during your stay in France.

What are the duration of Courses?

Undergraduate courses runs for four years and Masters Degrees are for a year and a half. If they award dual degrees with another University overseas, in this case such degrees might extend to two years especially if they have industrial experience within it.

What are the intakes?

Students are allowed to start their studies in October, February and June of each year. Some courses runs only the two intakes of October and February. As for details.

Will you assist with my Visa Application?

Yes, like with all students heading elsewhere, we are with our clients all the way.

Will I get a refund if Visa is refused?

Yes your tuition fees will be refunded by the school back into the account you paid from.