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Frequently Asked Questions: Germany


German education is rich and certificates are highly regarded globally. Education is essentially free if taught in German. It is gaining traction among students for two reasons (1) If you are able to pay the first fees to head to Germany, the rest is not cost intensive especially for undergraduate students, (2) Recently the German government freed up on immigration allowing new routes to work with easy access to those who studied in Germany. This has seen an uptick in enquiries and applications and especially number of students arriving to start their studies in Germany.

What Does the Process Entail?

Processing admissions to Germany is similar to other Western countries. The academic requirements are very similar. The point of departure with others is the way Visas are processed. (1) Full tuition fees must be paid after admission (2) You also normally will not show bank statements from your sponsor but rather you will transfer your living expenses as fixed by the government into a German bank accounts in your name, for your use when you arrive. So in effect, it is expensive in the first instance to go to study in Germany. (3) All courses at public Universities are taught in German so you must therefore learn German and have appropriate certificate before you can enrol.

Can I work as a Student?

Yes you are allowed 20 hours a week to work. Like all others, it comes with a condition that it will not impact negatively on your academic performance.

Is the Visa Process Easy?

German Visa for students is simple to understand and the application process straight forward. Bank statements are involved but not so heavy for those attending public schools and for PG students at private schools, they have already discharged their burden of proof by sending funds into a German bank account. Only evidence that the funds are clean not laundered funds remain during Visa application. Germany do not currently use third party services to process Visas.

Duration of Courses

Most undergraduate courses last for four years and Technology can be up to five years. Most PG are for a year and half and few for two years.

When Can I start application process?

You need to start a year in advance. Places are limited at public schools and even if you are going to Germany to start a language training, part of your admission into such school must include a follow-on admission into a University, so the competition remain.

Are there other intakes

Public schools have only one intake in October, but private institutions have several intakes like October, February, and May of each year.

Can I get refunds if Visa is refused?

Yes, you will get a full refund. Ensure you pay your fees through the banks and follow official lines to access a German bank account. Do not patronise touts. We will guide you through entire process.