Study In Ireland

Ireland has lots of world class higher education institutions and have played host to students for a long time. Their tuition is reasonable and living costs are moderate with rights accorded international students to work 20 hours a week and full time during holidays. After education there are time limited opportunity to stay back and work and if student finished a skill shortage course, they can further remain in Ireland. Application must be made for any kind of stay, but Ireland is known for their generosity in the consideration of all immigration applications. The decision is that of immigration authority but from our experience, once all requirements are met and no adverse security report, most graduates scale through. You can discuss details of your career objectives with us. All courses are considered. There are few merit scholarships keenly competed for but we have had few awards previously. Most of these are applied for separately and you must ask us at the time of your admissions application.

Please note that tuition fees for the first year must be paid after admission. We have good schools and will be willing to assist with your education.