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TOP Up degree (final year entry) or Pre-Maters programme for holders of : 3rd Class degree, Pass degree, HND, APTECH & NIIT



Apply for: 2017/2018 Entry 


Top-Up degree:  Allows you to do exactly what its name implies:


1.Top-up your 3rd Class or Pass degree to obtain a UK degree

2. Top-up your HND to an honours degree.

3. Obtain a UK degree in 1year


It’s a 1 year programme, entering onto the final year of the full time

Undergraduate Honours degrees.



Pre-Master’s programme: Is a pathway to masters degree. It has been designed to fully prepare you for future master’s course.

It’s a 3-6 months programme after which you are qualified to study a masters course.



3rd class degree + relevant years of experience and/or certifications can be considered (a few schools will consider a Pass degree).


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